Office Pro

Office Pro is the complete office suite for android, Office Pro lets you create, edit and view Documents(Word), Workbooks(Excel), Presentations(PowerPoint), it supports all of MS Office file formats including RTF and CSV, it also offers a unique painter.

Office Pro is the one that differs from the others, easy to work with and lets you get all of your job done on the go.
Office Pro is the best office suite for android, It offers more features and more options than any other app !
The professional editors lets you be creative and productive everywhere you go. Office Pro is the complete office suite for your Android device, Read more...


ControlMyPc is a remote access app for Android, ControlMyPc makes it easy for you to connect to your PC and/or Mac.

RDP never been easier, ControlMyPc has unique features that cannot be found in other apps, file transfer support from/to your computer, stream sound, mouse pad and more, these features are easy to use (user friendly).

ControlMyPc lets you connect to your computer with no special settings, simply register and connect in a click, registration is free.
If you need to connect to your computer from a remote location, you can count on ControlMyPc, Read more...

Voice Id & Blocker

Voice Id & Blocker is an essential app on every smartphone.
Voice Id & Blocker lets you handle incoming calls/SMS.

Caller id announcer tells you who's calling before you reach your phone, it also tells you who sent the SMS, it works in call waiting, Bluetooth compatible.

Using Voice Id & Blocker gives you the option to block selected contacts (black list) or group (group that you create) or both.
Voice Id & Blocker also offers SMS replier and ringer silencer.
Check it out to see how Voice Id & Blocker can help you, Read more...

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ToCard is the most professional cards game for Android.
ToCard Offers online Multiplayer cards game.

It offers more in game info.

Full game history and full game score.
Player rating and world rating.
Professional game mathcer